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Privacy Policy

You might have questions about how we use and disclose your private information. We take privacy very seriously. This page will explain what kind of user information our company obtains, what we keep, and the way such data is used. As a user of this website (, you agree to the practices this policy describes.

Acquisition of Information We might obtain information about you that is not personal (for example, your IP address or a domain name, neither of which discloses any details of yours besides the location of the area you were in when you visited our website. We might also obtain information regarding the kind of browser used to access our site. Other details we might collect will be about the operating system of your device, what directed you to the website, and what specific pages on our site you visited. Further, if you engage with us with matters pertaining to our services or this website, we will use any details that you give to us through our interaction.

In the future, you might be contacted by email so we can inform you about new services, products, specials, or modifications to the privacy policy you are currently reading. How Your Information is Used The information we obtain from you is mostly used for internal reasons. This may be comprised of ways to enhance, evaluate, maintain, and provide our services, update this website, accommodate information requests, and deliver customer service.

Security We adhere to industry standards when it comes to safeguarding information we collect – both while it is being sent to us, and after it is received. If we obtain information deemed sensitive (for instance, credit card details), such information will be sent to us through a secure encrypted format. This can be verified via the icon that resembles a lock at the end of your browser, or by looking at the “HTTPS” on the webpage’s address left side.

We safeguard sensitive data through encryption during online transmissions, and your information is just as safe with us off-line. The only personnel who have access to information that could identify you personally are those who are assigned to a certain task (for instance, customer support or billing). The servers/computers that hold such sensitive data are located in a secure setting.

Cookies This website uses “cookies.” A cookie is described as data downloaded to a visitor’s hard drive. It is used to enhance the user accessibility of our website, as well as to see who has visited it the most. For example, a cookie stored on your device will allow you to remain logged into our site, and in doing so, you bypass the hassle of constantly logging in and out of it. Cookies also help us track what our users are interested in for the sake of improving their experience. We do not use cookies to identify anybody personally.

Sharing The information we obtain will not be sold, nor will any data we acquire be shared with others for the purposes of email or postal marketing (either indirectly or directly). Your IP address and/or personal information will be disclosed when ordered to by law; or in cases where we believe such actions are justifiable. The following circumstances illustrate such scenarios:

⦁ We will comply with any investigation of suspected illegal activity, or to adhere to legal obligations imposed upon us.
⦁ We will safeguard and protect the property or rights of this website (and all its relevant properties).
⦁ We will isolate any individuals who break the law, who violate the rights and privacy of others, or who misuse our site (and the properties associated with it) with bad intent.

Be mindful that the information you disclose to us on the Internet – for instance, on forums, through emails, and other digital platforms – may be obtained by others for reasons of their own. If you share personal details online that anyone can see, you are susceptible to unsolicited mail from parties besides ours. Ultimately, you and you alone are responsible for keeping your information private. Whatever information you share online should be done responsibly and carefully.

Links You may find links on this website that point to other ones. Understand that we do not take responsibility for the privacy policies or content of other websites. You are encouraged to be mindful of this when visiting any website. You should always review the privacy policy of any site you visit to learn how information that could identify you is collected.

Contests and Surveys Occasionally, our website might collect information by way of contests or surveys. Whether you engage in these contests or surveys is up to you. You don’t have to participate in them, nor do you have to disclose any details. Information you are asked about may be comprised of contact details (mailing address or name) and demographics (age or ZIP Code). Contact details will be utilized to get in touch with prizewinners. Information obtained through surveys will be utilized to enhance our observance of the way this site is used.

Consent By accessing this site, you have consented to the acquisition of the information mentioned in this privacy policy, along with our usage of it. If alterations are made to this privacy policy, this page will mention such changes. You are encouraged to review this page often so that you are kept updated about what information we obtain, how it is used, and what scenarios warrant their disclosure. Any updated privacy policy should be meticulously reviewed for the sake of fully comprehending what our procedures entail and how our practices are enforced.