Alternator part. View of alternator replacement by a fort worth mobile mechanic
Pre Purchase Inspection
Of course a trained mechanic will be a lot better at pre inspecting a vehicle before purchase than anybody. But just in case you can't get one of our trained mechanics out to you we can give you a few pointers on what to look for before you purchase your next vehicle. What to look for when you're buying a car used off of maybe side of the road you want to vehicle for a couple grand a few things you want to keep in mind. First thing you want to do is don't buy it at night. take a look at it in the day like you want to see them good sunlight and you want to be able to compare panels to each other to make sure that they all look uniform. If it's been painted first warning signs they way it's either been an accident or it's rusty if one panels resting most likely another panels rusty and it's on its way out the tires are very important if you're spending a few grand on a vehicle even 8 grand if the tires are wore you're looking out could possibly another eight hundred thousand for new boots so you want to look at the tires on turn them all the way out one one way and you want to run your fingers, your hands over and make sure that it's wearing evenly if its feathered at all where it's cupped it means it's about alignment and that could be worn parts and you'd have to replace a suspension parts or again it could be in an accident so make sure that you boots are in good shape. Underneath the hood you want to check a few things. You want to check your transmission fluid usually yellow handle you want to look for nice red fluid. That's not low. And you want to smell it and make sure that it's not burnt. you want to check your engine oil make sure that it's not low in any means and that it's in good shape nice and clear and again doesn't smell burnt oil isn't as a tell tale because if there was an issue they want to change your oil before hand you can actually tell the the how much your brakes of war but how much fluid is left in your reservoir. This is the. Brake fluid reservoir. If your brakes are wor that means that your pistons are coming out farther and this reservoir will be lower if it's full it's a good sign that your. Brakes are in good shape.

But somebody could have popped up the flute as well so what I'm saying is low oil means that the brakes or wore Hi when the reservoirs full it means it could be we could have really good breaks or somebody's topped it off so you have to do that with a grain of salt you want to check rebels general condition of it you want to check make sure there's there's little corrosion rust on exhaust and an aluminum parts and. Check your any freeze how it when it's cold make sure that there's no. Oil or anything in there and it looks nice and green or pink depending on what what's in there now.

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