Alternator part. View of alternator replacement by a fort worth mobile mechanic
Post Purchase AutoPoint thumbs up!

We will bring our mobile vehicle repair shop to your home or office to fix your car on site and give you a thumbs up when we say it's ok!

A post purchase AutoPoint thumbs up allows you to ride in your new used car with confidence! You can rest assured knowing that your vehicle was inspected by trained professional mechanics and you know the investment you just made was well worth it. Before we will give you an AutoPoint Thumbs up, we need to make sure the entire car is inspected and that a Post purchase Autopoint tune up is performed. This is a list of our 20 point inspection and the items that will be replaced or inspected with your tuneup.

  • Spark Plug Inspection

  • Wire Plug Inspection

  • Oil Inspection

  • Oil Filter Inspection

  • Cabin air filter Inspection

  • Air Filter Inspection

  • Fuel Filter Inspection

  • Sensors Inspection

  • Top off Brake Fluid

  • Top off Power Steering Fluid

  • Top off Coolant Fluid

  • Computer Diagnostic Screen

  • Fuel System Inspection

  • Air Filtration Inspectiont

  • Electrical Systems Inspection

  • Check Engine Light Inspection

  • Computer Diagnostic Replacement

  • Cooling System Inspection

  • Air Filters Inspection

  • Gas Tank Inspection

  • Belts and hoses Inspection

  • Alternator Inspection

  • wires Inspection

  • Ball Joints Inspection

  • Cv joint axles Inspection

  • Power steering Inspection

  • Advanced tune up

  • Strut Inspection

  • Alternator Inspection

  • Let us do the work!

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