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Starting Problems
It Sucks When You Turn the Key and Nothing Happens: Starter Replacement

If you turn your key and your car won’t start, your starter system may be to blame. No one enjoys car trouble, but it is even more frustrating when you do not know what is causing the problem. Keep reading to learn more about common issues with your starter system.

What is the starter?
The starter is responsible for getting your car’s engine running. The small motor receives power from the battery. If the starter is not working properly, your car won’t even move a foot.

Common Starter Problems
When you turn the key and your car won’t start, your starter may be going bad. A bad starter can appear similar to other car issues, so it is important to pay attention to your starter. Determining the real issue is key to maintaining your vehicle’s health and resolving car troubles quickly.

Slow start
You may be able to recognize starter problems before they prevent your car from starting altogether. If you notice that your car is taking longer to crank to start, your starter could be going bad. You can test this by checking your battery. When your battery is fully functional, but your car has trouble starting up, the starter is likely the problem.

Loud noises
A lot of car problems can be identified by the sounds they make. While car owners dread hearing squealing or grinding noises, they can be key to solving your car problems. When you turn your key, you may notice clicking noises. This is a sign that your starter is bad. Also, loud grinding or whirring noises can indicate that your starter is about to die completely.

Only the lights are on
When your car won’t start, it is easy to blame the battery. However, your battery may not be the problem at all. If you try to start your car and the dashboard lights come on, the starter is probably to blame. Your battery is still powering your car’s accessories, but the starter is failing to power the engine.

Continuing to try to start your car can cause the starter to overheat. As part of your electrical system, the starter may blow a fuse or short circuit. When it overheats, you may notice smoke coming from your car. Stop trying to turn the key immediately. Call for help before more issues arise.

Oil leak
You can find your starter below the left bank of cylinders on the driver’s side of your motor. If you notice that the starter is covered in oil from the engine, you may be experiencing an oil leak. It is important to monitor your starter for oil leaks because they can quickly become much bigger problems.

Convenient Starter Replacement
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