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Battery Problems
Battery Replacement Facts Everyone Should Know

Your battery is essential to your car. Without the proper battery, your car is rendered useless. The life of your battery depends on a variety of factors, but eventually every battery has to be replaced. It is important to understand how common issues like corrosion and water in your battery can affect the life of your battery. Keep reading for valuable tips on choosing a battery replacement.

The difference in cranking amps

There are two ratings that refer to the current output of your car battery. The cranking amp rating is at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, while the cold cranking amp are rated at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold cranking amps rating is one to pay attention to when selecting a battery replacement.

The cold cranking amps (CCA) is the number of amps your battery can deliver at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher CCA ratings refer to greater power for starting the battery. While the CCA rating is extremely important for people in colder climates, it is a factor that can help you pick the right battery. Batteries with higher CCA ratings will last longer because the starting power of your battery will deteriorate over time. A higher starting power can maintain the life of your battery longer.

The best brand by reputation

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a battery, which can make it difficult to know that you are picking the right one. However, some brands have a better reputation for quality and consistency when it comes to car batteries. The following brands receive the highest customer ratings and quality standards.


Optima produces one of the most popular car batteries known as the RedTop 34/78. These batteries are known for their high-powered starting ability with 800 CCA. The battery is also more resistant to vibration than other brands, which can increase its lifetime and provide better performance. This battery is easy to install and maintenance-free.


Duracell is a well-known option for car batteries and for good reason. The Duracell 51R is a highly rated car battery that has a CCA rating of 500. The battery life and endurance are both impressive. However, the battery does not have a handle so it may be more difficult to install.


Interstate is another highly rated car battery brand. The Interstate MTX-48/H6 is one of the most popular batteries from the brand. It provides a CCA of 760 for an impressive battery life. It is easy to install and stands up over time.

The poorest brands by reputation

Unfortunately, some brands are not as highly regarded as others when it comes to car batteries. The following brands receive poorer ratings than others, and customers report issues with the lifetime and quality of their products.

Mighty Max

Effects of corrosion on your battery

Corrosion is often part of the normal wear and tear on a car battery over time. However, hotter weather and other factors can cause corrosion to worsen more quickly. Corrosion is most often found on the battery terminals. It is usually caused by hydrogen gas trapped in the hood of your car or small cracks and leaks in your battery.

The effects of corrosion can cut your battery’s life short. Corrosion can hinder your vehicle from starting, forcing you to jumpstart your car on a regular basis. You may lose power in your car’s accessories if corrosion goes untreated. The on-board computer may start to fail, which can put you at a safety risk.

Effects of not enough water in your battery

Your battery’s fluid level is very important to its safety and performance. Sometimes it is necessary to water your battery to keep it running smoothly. If your battery does not have enough water, sulfation may occur. Sulfate crystals build up on the battery plates if there is too little water, which causes a loss of power and battery failure.

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