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Power Steering Problems
Why Your Power Steering is Getting Ready to Go Out

Your power steering system helps you control the steering wheel and applies the correct pressure to turn your car’s wheels smoothly. Without power steering, it would take considerable effort (and extremely muscular arms) to turn your steering wheel and drive your car. It is important to monitor the health of your power steering system to avoid surprises and accidents on the road. There are several components that make up the power steering system. The steering wheel, power steering fluid, and power steering pump as well as the drive belt can all impact the operation of your car. Keep reading for signs that your power steering is getting ready to go out.

Your steering wheel is stiff.
When your power steering fails, it is harder to turn your steering wheel. Your steering wheel may be slow to respond when you try to turn, or it could be difficult to turn altogether. These issues could indicate a problem with your power steering pump. If so, you will need to have the pump replaced in order to safely drive and steer your vehicle again.

You hear squealing or whining noises.
There are some noises car owners never want to hear. If you notice a whining noise whenever you turn your wheel, it is an indication there may be something wrong with your power steering. You could have too little power steering fluid caused by a leak in the power steering pump. This problem is not one that can be ignored. If you do not resolve the issue, your entire power steering system can become damaged. If you notice a squealing noise when you start your car, this could also be a sign that your power steering is going out. These noises will emanate from the hood of your car, and they are usually the sign of a bad steering pump. This can cause the belt to slip and should be looked at by a professional sooner rather than later.

You notice issues with the power steering fluid.
Some power steering issues can be diagnosed on site. There are several parts of the power steering system, including the pump, lines, hoses, and gears, that can develop leaks. There may be a crack in the pump housing or an issue with the pump seals causing power steering fluid to leak. If you notice puddles forming under your car that are red or reddish-brown, your power steering fluid is likely leaking. You can also determine the health of your power steering fluid by looking at it. Old fluid can get stuck in the system and cause your power steering to fail. New power steering fluid should be red, and it carries a very distinct odor. If you notice that your power steering fluid has turned gray, it may have oxidized. Foam, bubbles, or chrome flakes are also bad signs which could indicate water and air in the power steering line or problems with your power steering pump

Don’t let power steering cause a panic.
It’s always best to keep up with your car’s maintenance in order to prevent power steering issues. However, if your power steering fails or is starting to go out, there is no need to panic. The expert local mobile mechanics at Auto Point will come to your home or work to repair your vehicle onsite. If you are searching for “mobile mechanic near me,” Auto Point has your answer with convenient and reliable service in your area.

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