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It Sucks When You Turn the Key and Nothing Happens
Ignition Switch Problems

You turn your ignition key to start like you do every day, but this time nothing happens. For most of us, panic starts to set in as we try to turn the key again and again, getting the same results. When your car won’t start, it can ruin your entire day. Keep reading to learn why your ignition switch might be the problem and how to solve the issue.

What does the ignition switch do? Your ignition switch signals your battery to start the car. It is also responsible for supplying power to your car’s electronics from the battery. If your ignition switch has gone bad, your car cannot properly receive the power it needs to run.

There are four common positions for your ignition switch that direct power to your vehicle. The “off” position cuts the power and locks the steering wheel. In the “accessory” position, you can turn on the radio and lights without powering the engine. The “run” position powers your engine controls and circuits, except for the starter motor. In “start,” power is supplied to the starter motor and engine controls.

Common ignition switch problems
If you turn your key and your car won’t start, there are some common ignition switch issues that may be the cause. A faulty ignition switch can keep your car from turning on properly if you experience any of the following problems.

Your engine stalls: The engine controls could be momentarily losing power due to worn switch contacts. Your engine won’t start: A faulty ignition switch will prevent power from getting to your start motor, engine controls or ignition system.

Your lights and accessories go out: If your ignition switch is worn, it can temporary cause a lack of power to the electronics in your car. You may notice flickering dashboard lights, your radio stops working, or other electronic issues. You can’t remove the key: Turning the key or removing it can be difficult if the ignition switch has gone bad. You may also notice that your engine continues to run after removing the key.

Your car stalls: If you’ve been able to drive your car, but notice it stalls while driving, the ignition switch may be cutting off power. Your car starts then stalls: When you turn your ignition switch to on, your vehicle may start before suddenly stalling. Your steering wheel is locked: The ignition cylinder is connected to the steering lock to prevent theft. Try turning your steering wheel before starting your car again.

None of these problems are fun to deal with, and they may result in the need for a new ignition switch. However, it is important to monitor the health of your ignition switch in order to remain safe while driving. Having your car suddenly stall while driving is never a good thing!

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