Alternator part. View of alternator replacement by a fort worth mobile mechanic
> Great company to work for! Autopoint is one of the leaders in the Fort Worth are for hiring great ASE Certified Mechanics

AutoPoint Mission Statement

At AutoPoint, our overriding goal is to offer our customers the very best service, honest pricing, and quality craftsmanship. We want to fix things right the first time, every time. We recognize that it isn’t always easy, but it’s always the best way to do business. Because we want our customers to be raving fans that are excited to tell their family and friends about us.

We value our customers, and our workforce equally. We recognize that when both are treated fairly and given the consideration they deserve, we all win. We know that happy, productive contractors, that are paid properly and are trusted to do the right thing will go the extra mile, taking care of our customers. We recognize that customers that feel cared for and appreciated will keep coming back, allowing us to grow and offer new opportunities for our employees. It’s a cycle that makes us all better.

Our Employee Promise We will strive to offer our employees fair compensation for their efforts. We work to create a supportive environment where every mechanic, salesperson, and office worker feels heard and appreciated. Great, experienced contractors make us stronger, so we make certain contractors have the latest equipment available to them, safe working conditions, and opportunities for training and advancement. We want to create real opportunities for long term employment, offering job security and great pay for contractors that work hard to earn it. Many mobile mechanic companies in Fort Worth say they’re a family. We’re more than a family. We’re a team. We push every day toward our goals, united under one vision. We bring out the best in each other, because we know we’re only as strong as our weakest link.

Our Customer Promise... We recognize that our customers are the lifeblood of our company, and we offer them the respect they deserve. They will always get honest advice and answers to their questions. We will never overcharge or underexplain. We see ourselves as part of the community. Our customers are our neighbors and our friends, and so we want them to feel completely comfortable with the work we do. If at any time a customer is dissatisfied, we will make certain to make things right. No customer should ever have a bad experience, and if we’re doing our jobs properly, they never will.

At AutoPoint, we want to be THE company people call on for their mobile automotive repair needs, and we will do everything we can to make that goal a reality.

-Jimmy Richardson, President AutoPoint Inc.