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The benefits of being independent contractors to the company. Alot of firms/businesses around the world are moving to a more flexible way of employment methods so as to cut costs as well as enable the contractors to have time for other things. Cloud computing is the major driving force behind this change and has brought huge benefits to some groups of individual – independent contractors.

Independent contractors are people who work base on the agreement (contract basis), they are not regular as normal employees. Independent contractors might go on leave for months, weeks or a one-day off of work.

Independent contractors often work in a different firm they can move from one business to another within a short time, or work simultaneously with more than one company. This is due to their skills are in demand by more than one firm, as a result, they feel more secure.

AutoPoint Mobile Car Repair appreciates the flexibility of hiring independent contractors. Though we know it is more beneficial to the contractor since they usually charge per hourly rate. As an independent contractor working with AutoPoint Mobile Car Repair, you will have more freedom to choose how you complete your work. Your working terms with AutoPoint Mobile Car Repair are decided by an agreement/contract or a verbal agreement.

As an AutoPoint Mobile Car Repair independent contractor you will be required to set your own hours and decide how to perform the job or complete the project within a reasonable time to the satisfaction of our clients and the company, AutoPoint Mobile Car Repair will review and share 50% responsibility with our contractor(meaning if the job goes bad we have your back 50% of the transaction so you are not alone). You will have more behavioral Control.

You will also have more financial control as there might likely be a provision for expenses as well as fixed ongoing costs that are incurred.

With all this great benefit you will agree with me that you have seen reasons while you should be an independent contractor in AutoPoint Mobile Car Repair. Note that AutoPoint Mobile Car Repair is very ready and willing to give you a broad description of how, when, and where you perform your duties. We are open to questions and discussion, please let us know what you think.

In summary, becoming our independent contractor will benefit you as follow:

  • Be your own boss

  • You will have balanced work-life

  • Earn more money

  • You can work the hours that suit you and your lifestyle best

  • Ability to test out a new field of expertise

  • Independent contractor gets paid for every hour of work they do

  • Independent contractor have greater independence

  • If your skills are in demand, your income will be high

  • If you want to make and keep most of your money from a job then get on with us, you will be glad you did. You will have no problems getting your money for work you have done. Click here to fill out our Independent Contractor Application and we will get you on a job today!