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Brake System Problems

3 Reasons Why You Need a Brake Job
When brakes start causing problems, car owners often worry about their vehicles. There is rarely a clear-cut answer to what is causing your brake issues, and you may find yourself seeking professional assistance. However, there are a few tips to follow to determine if you need a brake job. If you find yourself in need of brake repair, trust mobile mechanics in Fort Worth from Auto Point for convenient and high-quality service.

1. Your brakes are making noises.

Brake problems can be very troubling. It is difficult to determine if the problem is large or small. A squeaking or squealing sound can seem like a serious issue, like a worn belt. However, it could also be as simple as dust in your system. Many cars do not have sensors to alert you to brake problems, so you have to rely on your ears and a qualified mechanic from time to time. There may not be a cause for concern.

Thankfully, not all noises from your brakes require attention. If there is a grinding squeal noise that seems continuous, the problem may not be as bad as it sounds. There could simply be a rock caught in your system. It may be lodged in the space between your brake pad and the disc. The material of your brake pads could lead to squeaking noises that are actually harmless.

You may also hear noises if there is moisture in your braking system or dust. These problems are also nothing to worry about because they do not cause damage. You may need to lubricate the hardware of your brake system. Of course, if the noise is annoying, you can always have a professional check out your brakes.

Some noises need immediate attention. If the noise coming from your brakes is higher in pitch and resembles a screeching sound more than a squeal, you may be experiencing brake pad wear. This noise is usually constant and comes from the wheel area. You can hear it when you’re driving but stops when you brake. When the brake pads wear down too far, the metal tab makes contact with the rotor surface, causing this noise and requires professional service.

A shriller noise that sounds like it’s coming from the engine area could indicate a worn belt. Your alternator belt, power steering, fan belt, water pump, or A/C belt could slip on a pulley to cause the noise. You should consult a professional mechanic to determine the source of the problem because it could also indicate that your alternator or bearings are failing.

2. You notice a bad smell.

Smells can cause car owners as much of a headache as noises. While some newer vehicles have indicator lights to alert you to brake problems, other drivers must trust their senses. A burning smell can be caused by oil and is likely the problem if you got an oil change recently. If oil overflowed, it may be causing this issue. Also, this can occur if you accidentally drove with the parking brake on.

A smell that seems to be coming from your wheels may indicate the brakes are overheating. If conditions outside are hot, or you notice smoke along with the smell, you should stop driving immediately. It is important to assess the situation or seek professional help before you experience brake failure.

3. You’re experiencing a vibration or pulling.

If your steering wheel is vibrating, it can be extremely frustrating to drive. The good news is, you can usually solve this issue easily and without breaking the bank. The problem is likely not with your brakes, but an unbalanced tire. It is a quick and inexpensive fix.

On the other hand, if your brake pedal or steering when is vibrating while you brake, it can be a more serious issue. You could have an uneven rotor surface, or the brake caliper may not be releasing properly into a full off position. This may require that your rotors be resurfaced, or a worn suspension be replaced.

Another common issue is your steering wheel pulling to one side while braking. If this occurs, you may have a bad brake hose, or the brake pads may be worn-out. A loose suspension part or stuck caliper could also be causing your steering wheel to pull while braking.

Trust your brakes to the professionals. Brake issues can be concerning and frustrating to fix. When your brakes give you trouble, you may worry about leaving your car in the shop for days on end. Thankfully, mobile mechanics can go to your home or office to repair your vehicle. There’s no need to search for “mobile mechanics near me,” because Auto Point offers full-service repairs and mobile mechanics in Fort Worth. Trust the experts to fix any brake issue in a timely manner, wherever you’re located!

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