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Your car ready for a road trip

How To Make Sure Your Car is Ready for a Road Trip

So much to think about, even though you might not think it there will be things you didn't realize you had to pay at least some attention to. As the major center for mobile mechanics in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, we know all too well that planning a trip isn’t quite as easy as jumping in the car like a trip to the local store. There’s a lot more to it and with the U.S currently languishing near the bottom of the international road safety list, it’s even more important we look to prevent road traffic accidents. So in this article, your premier mobile mechanics of Fort Worth have pooled our experience to give you a quick run-through of the five main safety aspects you should think about ...and plan through, when looking to travel long distances. And by “long-distance”, we mean driving a vehicle for over three to four hours or more. And by the way, these are all pretty important, but some more than others - depending on your journey, so take some time to consider which aspects are the important ones - for your journey. Here we go...

1. Vehicle safety

This might seem the most obvious, yeah sure your vehicle might be pretty new - and recently serviced at that, but things can change, and some rudimentary checks - however annoying need to be made. Before dodging this question, just remember, you’d like your pilot to make some basic checks before flying the plane you’re in ... right? So, especially if you have passengers, it’s considered your “duty of care” - so we’d urge you to take this part seriously. You’d be surprised how many drivers fail to properly ensure they’re vehicle is fully roadworthy for a long trip before jumping behind the wheel. So here’s our one-stop quick vehicle checklist to make it easy for you before setting off.

Quick Reference Vehicle Check List If you plan on making regular trips, then why not bookmark this page, or download our free PDF of the extended list and keep it handy on your phone? It’ll take the thinking out of it! Or drop by our center and we’ll provide a quick check for you! Check oil and brake fluids are at the maximum level (do not overfill) Make certain your tire iron and jack are in the car. Check all your tires for pressure, tread depth and condition Check your spare tire too. Ensure all Washer fluids are filled up and your wipers work Make sure your headlights, main beam, brake lights, and fog lights are all fully functioning and the lenses are clean. Check for lights on the dashboard, don’t ignore battery, oil, or other warning lights. Check you have enough fuel, and check there are fuel stops along your route for refilling. While you’re checking if you find any issues then check our Fix it Yourself page for some tasks you can do yourself before you set off.

2. Sleep

You’ve heard it before ...but that’s because it’s important. Never drive tired. Make sure you are properly rested before undertaking any long journey. Make sure you get a good night’s rest and make sure you’re fully awake and alert before setting off. Coffee is often a go-to drink to get the driving day going, but remember caffeine can only get you so far ...and it will dip. You need to maintain a constant level of alertness and water is the best drink of all for this. Stay hydrated, which also means taking plenty with you for the trip. If you’re tired and searching for a place to stop over, put some music on and wind down the window to get some fresh air in the cab.

3. Driver and passenger comfort

If you’re traveling alone, then don’t skip this, there are things here that apply to you too. But especially if you have passengers on the journey too, in fact they can help! Regular breaks For long trips, take regular breaks, there are a reason truck stops exist, the same goes for motorists. If you feel any sense of fatigue or drowsiness, it’s vital that you pull over. Not only for your own safety and the safety of your passengers - but for other highway motorists. Passenger Comfort While in the vehicle, there’s a certain amount of responsibility you need to take toward your passengers. Do they also have the right amount of hydration, are they suitably comfortable, do they have any pills or other meds they need for the journey? Will they need to wear seatbelts where you’re going? If so then we can help with that at Oh, and for your passenger’s sake, think of yourself as a chauffeur, give your passengers a smooth ride. For example, braking hard not only uses more fuel but can make passengers nauseous!

Weather Many people don’t take account of the weather conditions in the region they’re driving in before starting out. Sure, freak storms and flash floods can happen, but make sure you look at the weather forecast ahead so you know what driving conditions to expect - don’t leave it to chance! Check and keep up with the news, what weather are they at least predicting! Adjust your route or departure times accordingly, Are you going to need a spade to dig yourself out of the snow if you have to? Are you going to need those antiglare sunglasses? Make sensible choices on what you need to take based on the weather, and that includes the right kind of clothing - which we’ll explore more of shortly. If driving conditions are wet, or at night, then fatigue can set in much more quickly. Consider stopping off if this happens, it might be time for a break anyway and you can conserve energy for when the weather clears. Or share the driving responsibilities with your passenger, but make sure they’re insured on the vehicle.

4. Breakdown emergency plan

Taking the right tools to change a tire are the obvious ones, and make sure you know how to use them and change it, take a practice run if you need to. But what if more serious faults occur with your vehicle? Do you have sufficient breakdown cover? Are you going to places without cell phone cover? What are you going to do if you need help? You can’t account for every situation, but it’s unwise to account for none. What can you reasonably plan ahead for if a mechanical or other fault happens on the journey? Do you even have a tow rope?

5. Overnight plan

It might not be something you want to think about, but just take account of the worst-case scenario. The thought of you and passengers spending a night in your vehicle could be a possibility - depending on where you’re going. You need to be able to know it’s going to be ok. Blankets, extra drinks, and even some food is always an option. Cars can be cold overnight, so do you have enough gas to run the heater for ten minutes every hour to keep warm? If you do have to pull over, make sure you move your vehicle off the road. Avoid parking on the shoulder, on a bend or the brow of a hill. To summarize These are just five - could add more, but these made our top ten. Don’t let this put you off going on a long journey, road trips and other long journeys - either in your own company or the company of others is actually a great way to spend your time and most journeys go like a dream. You don’t have to be obsessed, just spend 10 minutes making sure you’ve considered ...and planned for these points before you set off.

The secret to keeping your car running is as simple as following a regularly scheduled maintenance. If you want to check your vehicle is right for your long drive, then why not get in touch with us for a great service from a mobile mechanic on fort worth and surrounding areas. We’ll be happy to call out and give your vehicle a quick safety check for you. And if you’re in the area and you get stuck ... make us the first number to dial for help! Wherever you’re going, from all of us here at have a great ...and a safe trip!

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The secret to keeping your car running is as simple as following a regularly scheduled maintenance.
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