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Reasons Why Your A/C Isn't Cold and Your Heat Isn't Hot
It’s a hot summer day. You jump in your car already sweating and blast the A/C…only to be hit by hot air. The entire ride to and from work or running errands is miserable as you sit in the sweltering heat. Or, you may find yourself freezing on a cold winter day when your car’s heater refuses to get hot.

What causes these problems with your car and how can they be fixed? Keep reading for the top reasons why your A/C isn’t cold, and your heat isn’t hot you may need a mobile mechanic near me to stop by.

Your A/C isn’t cold
There are several reasons why your car’s air conditioner is blowing warm or hot air no matter how cold you set it. You expect your car to blow cool air into the cabin anytime you crank the A/C on. When that is not the case, the issue could be mild, while other causes are more serious.

You are low on refrigerant
Your refrigerant level is the most likely cause of your A/C not blowing cold air. If the refrigerant is too low, it will prevent your A/C from working properly. The compressor will not cycle because the pressure in your system is off. You could be experiencing a leak, causing the lower level of refrigerant.

There’s a problem with your condenser
If your condenser is blocked or broken, you will not get cold air moving through your car’s cabin. The condenser cools down refrigerant once it is compressed, and it could be blocked by debris. If that happens, the condenser is unable to cool the refrigerant and your A/C will only put out hot air. If the condenser is not blocked, it might be broken. This could be caused by debris puncturing the condenser by going through the grill of your car. When this occurs, you can see the punctures in the condenser, which means you will have to replace the part.

Your cooling fans are broken
Cooling fans keep your condenser running smoothly. If they are broken or cracked, the condenser will not cool properly, which results in hot air from your car’s air conditioning. This can be caused by debris from the road cracking the fans, and you can usually diagnose this problem through visual inspection. If this is causing your A/C problems, you will have to replace the part. A mobile mechanic in my area should be able to replace the part from a local parts store.

Your heater isn’t hot When your car’s heater refuses to blow hot air, it can be just as frustrating as problems with the A/C. Automotive heaters have a lot of components working to heat up the air in your car. If one of these components experiences an issue, you are stuck without warm air.

You are low on coolant Coolant keeps your engine’s temperature down in the summer and helps regulate your heater core in the winter. Under normal circumstances, you will feel cold air blow out for a minute or so, but it eventually heats up. If it fails to get warmer, check your coolant level.

Your heater core is faulty The heater core keeps your vehicle warm and handles the defrosting. They serve as compact radiators for your car, but they can experience difficulties from time to time. If you notice fog inside of your car, coolant levels depleting quickly, or your engine overheating, your heater core may be to blame.

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